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What Color Should Your Massage Table Be?

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One of the most common questions throughout childhood, ‘What’s your favorite color?’ continues to shape many of our choices into adulthood.

Color is an important part of life. We draw energy from colors, our moods are affected by colors, and color can appeal or repel.

Which makes it no surprise that when you have to make color choices in important parts of your life, you want to make sure you get it just right. Whether it’s finding the perfect shade for the new paint in the living room, selecting a flattering color for a new outfit, or picking the right option for your new car, color is always at the forefront of our minds.

It’s the same when it comes time to choose the color for your new massage table.

It’s very common for therapists to focus on choosing a massage table in the color that goes with their treatment room, or is complementary to the colors in their brand or logo. To some extent, they feel that the color they choose is representative of who they are and what their practice is about.

There’s just one thing they’re forgetting…

Which is that the upholstery of the table is barely ever seen. Your clients probably have no idea what color your table is, because it’s always shrouded in couch covers, towels or paper couch roll.

And that’s as it should be.

Not only are these coverings there for hygienic purposes, but the focus of every treatment should be complete relaxation and relief - not contemplation of the upholstery.

The more important details for you to focus on when choosing a massage table are the width, length and the thickness of the foam. 

All of these will have a direct impact on the client’s treatment, whereas the color of the upholstery doesn’t affect it at all.

For this reason, we only stock classic colors that won’t be distracting to clients - colors like black, navy, cream and lilac which are the go-to colors for most therapists and suit most treatment rooms.

Remember when you’re choosing a massage table that the most important thing is that your clients will have great treatments every single time. Pick a color that doesn’t assault your eyes when you change the covers, but don’t worry too much beyond that. 

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