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Take a look at what our customers have to say about their massage tables from Massage World.

“I am a recently qualified Sports Massage therapist. I chose to purchase from Massage World because of the variety of choices and the high quality of all the beds. I received excellent advice from their customer support team. Thank you Massage World!”
“We use our massage tables from Massage World at all our marathon events.
The participants are always exhausted and LOVE relaxing on the comfortable tables."
“I am a mobile massage therapist and primarily do Swedish and Deep Tissue massage for my clients. I purchased from Massage World because of the great selection of tables on the site. I have received nothing but positive feedback from my clients.”
“I am super impressed with the quality and strength of this table. We have some big guys lying on this table
and it is up for this BIG job! Everyone always feels comfortable and secure on this table.
We shopped with Massage World because of the awesome customer reviews and great support from the staff.”
“We always have a line of people waiting to get a massage at our events. Our tables are easy to set up and quick to fold back down.
Massage World helped us through the whole process when choosing the beds that would work best for us.
We were blown away at how many high quality tables we had to choose from. Thanks so much Massage World! 
There is no doubt we will have a huge line at our next event with people waiting to get on our tables ”
“When shopping for massage tables we wanted high quality, professional tables that were sturdy and lightweight. With such a nice selection and wide variety, Massage World carried multiple beds for us to choose from. Thank you to the SUPER friendly staff for helping us make the final selection.
We will be back soon to purchase our next tables from Massage World. ”
“My friend suggested that I purchase my table at Massage World. I was SO impressed with the huge selection for me to choose from. Before I made my purchase I had some questions for them and they went above and beyond to answer them all. I am so happy with my table and so are my clients.”
“My table from Massage World is lightweight and easy to carry. I can easily put it into my car and carry up a flight of stairs in a client’s home.
An extremely portable table was vital for me and I found the perfect table from Massage World!”
“I chose to shop at Massage World for all our massage tables and accessory purchases because of the SUPERB customer service we have received. They are always super helpful and very friendly. I would recommend this site to anyone purchasing any massage supplies.
They have the best prices and top brands that I trust.”
“I run 2 clinics and purchased all my tables from Massage World because I knew I was going to receive a high quality table. I was able to compare all the top brands and decide which table was best for my practice. I did not have to jump around from site to site to compare all the choices out there. Massage World also had the most BEST prices as well. What more could you ask for!”
"My table from Massage World is primarily used for acupuncture treatments and massage. Since I have purchased my new table, each one of my clients has commented on how this table is more comfortable and feels sturdier to them. I am so thankful my friend recommended Massage World to me.
We are so happy with our purchase and I am now telling all my friends to shop here!"
"I am a student so when I was shopping for a bed I needed to stay in a lower price range.  Massage World has the best prices compared to other sites that I shopped around on. They also had very fast delivery. I needed a bed that is super lightweight and extra wide for some of my larger clients. There was great selection on the site. They helped me choose the right bed for me and it was in my price range. I couldn't have asked for more!"
“This table has all the features I was looking for. I needed a table with a lifting backrest for the Sport Massage
treatments that I do. There is tons of room for me to get my knees under the table as well.
Massage World’s site caught my eye when I was searching for a table because I could tell all the tables on the site were very professional.”
“I am so happy with my purchase from Massage World. I practice sports massage and I am a physiotherapy student. It is perfect that the table has a lifting backrest and is lightweight so I can take it to home treatments. Massage World had great reviews on the table and it was really helpful
to talk to the customer service team.”

“Massage World has all the popular brands of tables on the site. It was easy for me to compare all the tables. The prices were great as well. I am a sports massage therapist and wanted a lightweight portable table to carry events. Not only is it easy to carry, but the table is easy to set up!”

“As a sports massage therapist I am always going to events and my table needs to be extra lightweight and easy to carry. I was so excited to shop with Massage World because they had the exact table I wanted at a great price. Thank you so much Massage World for this great table!“
"I purchased this massage table for my wife as a Birthday present. Delivery was very fast and on time for her Birthday. We do not practice massage, but we massage each other and Massage World was very willing to answer all my questions about the tables. My wife and I love the table. It is very comfortable and folds down easily. We are even going to use it as a tanning bed in summer."
 "I can't believe how wonderful this table is! I am a mobile sports massage therapist and I have had great feedback on my table so far. Massage World was very good at comunicating with me and answered all the questions about the table. In the future, I will be back to order from them again."
"I am a massage therapy student. I have never purchased a table before and Massage World was able to guide me to choose a massage table that was right for me. I will be practicing Indian Head Massage and learning other massage techniques in the future."
"I specialise in Craniosacral therapy. I wanted to move away from working on the floor with mats to using a portable massage table. Massage World had many different lightweight tables that I could choose from. I will be taking this table into homes and it had to be lightweight and easy to setup. I appreciate all the help Massage World gave me while I was finding a table that was right for me."
“I knew I wanted a massage chair for my mobile massage business. A chair was the best choice for me because I want to save my back and not have to carry around a heavy table! Massage World had a variety of different chairs to choose from. My chair is very professional and all my clients have told me it is very stable.”
"I am a chiropractic student. I came to Massage World's website and was looking for a professional table at a resonable price. When I had a few questions the customer support team was awesome at answering my questions. I am really happy with the table and would suggest this table for any other chiro students."
"As a sports therapist I needed a lightweight table with a backrest. I really REALLY love my table and more importantly so do my clients! All the features of the table are really great and the table will be great for all clients no matter what their shape or size."
"The 2 main features I needed in a massage table were a lifing backrest and a table that has very comfortable foam. Since all the table on the site are very good quality some great options! My patients have all commented on how comfortable it is and my pregnant clients are able to turn over during treatments very easily. I am 100% happy with my purchase and would recommend a table from Massage World to any therpist."
"We have had 3 clients come in an use it and the things that they pointed to especially is that it is extremely comfortable and they also noticed, as I would always notice, it is extremely easy to put down and to put back up. It is a table which although is extremely sturdy and solid is light enough to actually be portable as well."
"I am a sports therapist. I called Massage World looking for advice and they were very helpful. I will be using the table for post practice and match massage for athletes. The lifting backrest was one feature that I knew I wanted on the table and it is working out great so far. All the athletes have commented on how nice the table is."
"My new massage table is fabulous! I have had it for 1 month now and I could not be happier. I wanted to thank Massage World for their outstanding customer service and very quick delivery."
"My highest priority for a table is portablility. I practice on professional golfers and I need to be able to transport my table easily. Also, it needs to be able to setup and fold down easily. A reasonable price would be bounus as well. With the help of Massage World's customer support team and the feature on the site to compare tables, I was able to find the table I wanted. It also was a great price. Thanks Massage World."
"I bought this table from Massage World because I'm a holistic massage therapist, and I needed a lifting back rest for future reflexology training. I needed a narrower table to give me good access to my clients, plus I'm tall so I love the adjustable height mechanism. I'm very happy that I chose this table because the foam is very thick and comfortable and all my clients have commented on how comfortable it is." 
 "My name is Gabor and I've been practicing my profession for 12 years now. I do Sports, Deep tissue, Remedial and Relaxation massages. The equipment I use is essential for me to perform a high quality therapy. I chose this table because its lightness is impressive, yet it is really stable. I give massages to some of my clients up to 110 kg, and I feel the equipment is safe. It is easy to set up and fold. Due to its technical build up, it is comfortable enough to perform 2 hour massages as well. I am satisfied with the performance of this table."
"My name is Mari and I have recently qualified in massage and beauty therapy. I love my new light-weight table and I was happy to find it's so quick and simple to set up. It was also very reasonably priced - I couldn't find a similar table at this price anywhere else. It's very practical and is wide enough to comfortably fit all my clients. I want to add that I was so impressed with the customer service from Massage World that I will definitely be buying from them in the future."
"I'm Tony, a sports, holistic and accupuncture therapist, and I was looking for a sturdy table, of the right height, to make my manipulation treatments easier. The specialists we have in the clinic, such as osteopaths and chiropractors, need high quality tables to work on. I prefer this table to all of the other ones in my clinic, and the customer service was second to none - so all in all, I'm extremely happy with my purchase."
"My name is Katie and I am an aromatherapist. Finding a very professional looking, sturdy and lightweight massage table was very important for me, so I was pleased to find this really high quality table at a competitive price at Massage World. I was also very happy to find that it came with a lovely bag with lots of spacious compartments to store my accessories in. Massage World had excellent customer service, so I was really impressed with that. They had a speedy response time and gave me some very specific advice, and they clearly explained all of the available table types, which boosted my confidence a lot."
"As a Sports Massage Therapist, I am very concerned with making sure my clients are as comfortable as they can be. This table from Massage World was clearly of the best quality around and I was very impressed with how comfortable it is. The head cradle and arm rest were also comfortable and my clients are totally relaxed during my treatments. I chose Massage World because of their competitive pricing, without compromising on quality. They answered all of my questions, no matter how detailed, so I felt that they were genuinely concerned with making sure I made the right choice. I would definitely recommend Massage World to anyone who was looking to be a therapist, or just investing in a decent table."
 "I'm so pleased with my table from Massage World! It is second to none in terms of comfort and stylish design, and many of my clients have commented on how comfortable they feel on it during treatments. I can get in very close to my clients due to the ergonomic design, and I love the face cradle and arm sling too. The lifting back rest is very important for my treatments as I'm a reflexologist, and this table has a very sturdy back rest which is quick and simple to adjust. Massage World offer comprehensive information and advice, with a really wide range of tables and products for all kinds of therapists, so they have something for everyone and it was easy for me to choose them on that basis. Their customer service is fantastic!"
"As a newly qualified Sports Massage Therapist starting up a new business, I was looking for a lightweight, portable table that was at the same time durable, stable and comfortable. Massage world had a great range of tables along with very detailed information which made it so easy to choose the perfect one for what I needed. On top of that, the reviews were excellent so I had extra faith that my table would be what I was looking for. I'm very pleased that I went with Massage World!"
"I'm Ross and I've been a sports massage therapist for a couple of years. I was looking for a table that would be really strong, stable and reliable - I've found it quite difficult to find a table suitable for all of my therapy requirements until now, so I'm very pleased with this table. My clients love it too - they have remarked on how comfortable it is and how relaxed they've been on it. I'm impressed with the range of tables from Massage World!"
"I'm Nia and I specialise in Sports Massage Therapy. I picked this high quality, sturdy massage table from Massage World because it's extremely strong and looks great too. The reinforcement is impressive, so I have no concerns about the stability and durability. I'm very glad I bought this massage table and am very much looking forward to getting some more use out of it! Massage World's customer service is second to none and it shows in their reviews! They were an easy choice to make."
"I got this massage table from Massage World to do pregnancy massage, which I just qualified at. So far my clients have really loved it as it has so many useful features. It's of paramount importance for pregnant women to be totally comfortable and have plenty of room during their treatments, and of course the table has to be stable and strong. I wasn't disappointed with this couch for all of those reasons - it's got everything I need!"
"I was looking for a great quality massage table with good padding. Something wide, which would adjust to a high height setting and with wooden legs. So my criteria were quite specific but I found exactly what I needed at Massage World. They have a great range of options! I'm very happy with my choice."
"I am Dori and I do Swedish, deep tissue, sports and pre-natal massage. I chose my table from Massage World because it was very light and had a lovely oval shape, which I thought looked nicer than other shaped tables. I was very impressed - Massage World got my table to me in no time at all, and it's been fantastic value for money. My customers always comment on how comfortable and soft it is."
"This table is a multi-purpose table with a back rest that lifts up, separate arm rests and a head cradle. The price looked great and when I got it I realised just how good value for money it is. I was after something strong and sturdy, which it really is. I am a new therapist so I wasn't too sure where to shop, but I came looking on the Massage World site after a fellow therapist recommended them to me, and I haven't been disappointed."
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