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Being in a spa town like Jackson Hole we get a lot of passing business from people who are here to relax, ski and holiday. 

They are in the shopping and relaxing mood and oftentimes want to bring that feeling back home with them. Our customers like to feel and touch our massage tables so we always felt the need for a showroom. 

Our customers don't usually take the products they purchase away with them. They ask us to ship the products to their homes. Often the massage tables arrive back the same day they do, so they can continue the relaxation at home straight away.

Our old showroom was simply extra office space converted to look nice with shoji screens and plants. The showroom was small so all the massage tables had to be kept in their folded position. Although the old showroom served us well and served its purpose, recently we have realised it is time for a change.


Our online sales have increased greatly over the years and we have decided to expand our online USA shipping into worldwide shipping. We needed extra office room for this business expansion so it was the right time to look for a new space that catered for this area of our business that also allowed us to have a better showroom for our walk-in customers.

The good news is we just signed on a brand new showroom. It has enough room so that we can show all our massage tables and spa products in their set up position. Most of our business comes from online sales from customers throughout the USA which will be carried on from the back offices of the new showroom.


The new showroom is due to be finished it's remodel in November and we hope to have a launch party on Saturday November 8th. If you would like to join us for some fun and refreshments and try out a massage table for your home or business please get in touch by phone or email to RSVP.

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