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Why You Should Use Unscented Massage Oil

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It’s very common for massage therapists to have a go-to massage oil they use in most, if not all, of their treatments.

This favorite option might be selected based on its smell, texture, skin penetration, or even just how easily it will come out of your laundry!

Certain treatments call for specific mediums - it’s common in, say, reflexology and spa treatments, that essential oils are an important inclusion.

But for the majority of massages, it’s really up to your own preference about what kind of oil you work with. Among the most common options are sweet almond, jojoba and grapeseed oils, while there are of course many types of lotions and creams concocted with a wide variety of ingredients.

Each of these choices can, however, create problems in your practice.

Each of them has a very particular smell, and fragrance sensitivities are increasingly common.

Should any of your clients have a very sensitive nose, these choices can be extremely distracting and very uncomfortable for them - detracting from the effectiveness of your treatment. If they have sensitive skin, are affected by particular chemicals or have any allergies, then this becomes even more pronounced.

Since the whole point of your practice is relax and relieve your clients, you need to make sure the medium you work with doesn’t cause them distress. 

It’s for this reason that we always point therapists to unscented massage oil.

Selecting something like the Soothing Touch Fragrance Free Massage Oil ensures that all your clients will have a relaxing, restorative treatment every time they climb onto your massage table - without any nasty side effects.

With its blend of sweet almond, sunflower, avocado and apricot seed oils - all low irritant with virtually no scent - this oil smells absolutely neutral and won’t irritate the skin. Not only this, but it nourishes the skin, doesn’t drag during treatment and won’t leave the client feeling sticky.

Soothing Touch Fragrance Free massage oil is one of our best-selling treatment mediums, and we would encourage you to give it a go if you need an oil that won't distract or distress anyone during your treatments.

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