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Oakworks Nova Traveler Package - with Carry case, Face Rest Cradle, Face Rest Cushion, Arm Hammock, Table Cart and Bolster

Oakworks Nova Traveler Massage Table Package

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    plant-a-tree.jpgThe Oakworks Nova portable massage table is  the most customizable massage table on the market and makes a great option for all massage therapists. You can choose how tall you want it, what padding, how thick do you want that padding, do you want rounded or rectangular corerns? Make your own perfect table! With  Elements such as the patented Integra-Hinge, specially engineered Inter-Lock leg extensions, engraved Easy Adjustment wooden knobs, UniLock closure system, Easy Access end panels and Shiatsu Cables, the Oakworks Nova is sure to be a table you can use through your entire career.
    The Nova Traveler Accessory Package Includes: 
    • The Nova massage table 
    • Oakworks® Professional Carry Case
    • Quicklock Face Rest Platform 
    • Aero-Cel Face Rest Crescent
    • 6" Semi-round Bolster
    • Arm Hammock
    • Table Cart


    If you would like a different package - why not check out the EssentialProfessional or the Ultimate package instead? Click here to see the difference between the packages!

    Want to make your own customised table package?! Click here!

    Weight: 29 - 34 lbs.
    Length: 73” or 6’
    Width: 29” or 31”
    Height: 24” – 34”
    Foam: 3” Multi-layer
    Upholstery: TerraTouch™ Upholstery
    Maximum Working Weight: 550lbs

    • Slidelock System uses powder-coated solid steel slides and indestructible nylon blocks to increase stability, strength and durability
    • 6mm end panel & 10mm access end panel add stability
    • Integrated ribs to ensure your energy goes into the client, not the table
    • InterLock Legs with deep channel construction for solid locking
    • Patented Integra-Hinge clamps two table halves together and is stronger under load than the traditional piano hinge
    • Single knob for security and ease of use
    • Solid hardwood frame, laser aligned perfectly square for strength
    • Aircraft strength 1/8" center cables consistently support very heavy loads
    • Patented UniLock table closure system snaps and won't mark floors or catch on linens like metal clasps
    • Made in the U.S.A.

    Which Package?

    CONTAINS: Essential PackageProfessional PackageTraveler PackageUltimate Package
    Wellspring Massage Table åä̏ÌÒ åä̏ÌÒ åä̏ÌÒ åä̏ÌÒ
    Carry Case Essential Professional Professional Professional
    Quicklock Face Rest Platform åä̏ÌÒ åä̏ÌÒ åä̏ÌÒ åä̏ÌÒ
    Face Rest Cresent Type Aero-Cel Boiance Aero-Cel Boiance
    Bolster Type 6" Semi Round 6" Semi Round 6" Semi Round 8" Fluffy
    Arm Hammock   åä̏ÌÒ åä̏ÌÒ åä̏ÌÒ
    Table Cart     åä̏ÌÒ  
    Flannel Sheets       åä̏ÌÒ
    Premium Heated Fleece       åä̏ÌÒ
    Premium Swivel Stool       åä̏ÌÒ

    Product Options

    TerraTouch™ Fabric Colors

    Oakworks Terratouch Upholstery Colour Palette

    Massage Table Padding/Foam Option 

    Oakworks Aero-Cel Padding/FoamAero-Cel™ Padding

    New technology in padding options gives you four inches of more resilient support with a softness that conforms to the body's curves. Offering the most relaxing and nurturing environment possible, it's an investment that will return many years of "ahhhhhhs."
    Aero-Cel™ Padding weighs 4-5 pounds more than semi-firm padding.

    Oakworks Plush Padding/FoamPlush Padding

    Our traditional three-inch multi-layer, super supportive multi-density system for optimal comfort and durability. Its perfect balance of softness and support make this padding ideal for bringing relaxation to clients everywhere.
    Plush Padding weighs 2-3 pounds more than semi-firm padding.

    Oakworks Semi Firm Padding/FoamSemi-Firm Padding

    Two and a quarter inch multi-layer, multi-density system for firmer support and comfort with easier portability. Designed for the best balance of lighter weight and comfortable support. We use semi-firm on our portable tables to determine their published weights.

    Oakworks Firm Padding/FoamFirm Padding

    One and a half inch multi-layer density system provides firm support. Designed for physical therapy and athletic training needs. Firm Padding weighs 1-2 pounds more than semi-firm padding.

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